DataUnion Foundation Monthly Update: June 2022

Wow, time flies, we’re already half way through 2022. June has been an incredibly busy month for us. We’ve announced new partnerships and grants. Had some incredibly interesting discussions with partners, and of course we continue our technological development.


Alright, let’s get into the updates.


DataUnionFoundation Ignitor, Mats Brodén, Speaks at NFT NORD


Our very own Ignitor, Mats Brodén, was invited to speak at an after-work event hosted at the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Sweden. The event centred around digital innovation, and Mats shared his views on why it is vital for Web2 businesses to start seriously considering the innovative potential behind Web3 technology.


Starting his talk with the headline “how I learned to stop worrying and love blockchain” was a powerful message about the potential benefits this technology represents.


Additionally, Mats brought together a group of partners that are all currently exploring the benefits of DataUnions. Web3 and blockchain offer new opportunities that most industries are only just starting to discover.

“We look forward to engaging further with all our recent connections to see how we can all forge the path forward” — Mark Siebert, Co-Founder DataUnion Foundation.


Human Protocol Grant Update — Starting To Build Recording & Reputation Oracles

Human Protocol is building a universal protocol that connects various digital job opportunities across the globe. Applications built on HUMAN ($HMT) technology are used to label data and prevent bot abuse, enabling next-generation AI and ML technologies.
This is the evolution of the data economy. To continue scaling this ecosystem, it is important to understand what the world’s most valuable resource — data — is really worth. Then we can look at how to fairly distribute that value amongst all contributors on the network. This is what our recording & reputation oracles are tasks on deciphering.
Imagine you are participating in image annotation (adding a description of an image). Upon completion of your task, how can the network be sure you annotated the image correctly? How can we verify the annotation and ensure that bots aren’t simple spamming the system for rewards? The answers to these questions aren’t simple. This is where DataUnion Foundation and HUMAN Protocol want to come together to find the right solutions.
Our grant with HumanProtocol will last six months, and we are currently in the architecture phase of the roadmap. More updates will be provided once available in the following weeks.

DataUnion Data Portal Sneak Peak


We will be announcing details for our Season 2 soon enough. But for now, you’ll have to make do with a little sneak peak. We wanted to share the progress we’re making so far on our Data Portal. It’s the power house that will drive the DataUnion Foundation back end.


In this sneak peak, our CEO, Robin Lehmann, talks you through some of the key features in our Data Portal, such as:


Data Bounties — a mission that tasks data contributors with uploading, annotating and verifying images based on your desired parameters.

Data Sets — based on existing images and data that has already been uploaded & enhanced.

Algorithms — training & creating models that will use compute-to-data to access your data sets.

Robin and the tech team can’t wait to share the live data portal with you as part of our Season 2 launch. Keep your eyes peeled as we’ll be sharing more from the development team over the coming weeks.


You can watch the Data Portal Sneak Peak as part of our Live AMA by clicking here.


Community Questions


“Now that Ocean V4 is out, how will Mantis contributors be rewarded for their efforts, and if so, when will this occur?”

All contributors from Mantis (Season 1) will be rewarded for their efforts. There are two options currently in terms of how we can payout these rewards. Ocean tokens or DataTokens. We want to know what you want as our community so please vote on this Twitter poll.


“Why are there no data assets of DataUnion on the Ocean marketplace?”

Currently, the compute-to-data feature on V4 isn’t up and running. However, we are working closely with the Ocean team to make sure this is completed asap. Once that is ready, we will have our new data assets on the Ocean marketplace.


“I had some pool shares which are locked now — what happened with the $CRAB token and the $OCEAN tokens from the pool?”



Since the Ocean V4 update, certain actions were required to be completed to be eligible for a reward airdrop. Once you completed the steps, you would have received an airdrop in your wallet of $mOCEAN (available on the Polygon blockchain.) You are able to swap this token for $MATIK without paying any gas fees using this tool.


Our old dataset on V3 has now been retired, along with the $CRAB token. Please note, that all future datasets on V4 will be on the Polygon network.


We continue to work closely with our partners, Ocean Protocol, to further test and develop our DataUnion technology, working on solutions that will create a more equitable, open and valuable data ecosystem.


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