Connect your data partners with DataUnion-as-a-service and
co-own the AI insights and data that you create.

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What We offer.

The DataUnion ecosystem is a network of data collaborations generating new business, enriching data with joint governance - enabled by our DataUnion Ecosystem Token.

A DataUnion is a community of creators, curators and users co-developing, -owning and -governing datasets and algorithms for new insights.

Our DataUnion-as-a-service platform provides unique blockchain features for agile, collaborative AI development and gives every individual, professional or corporate partner the opportunity to use their data for a better future and their own profit.​

endorsed By
our Partnering Unions work on
  • Image anonymisation
  • Robot training
    (computer vision)
  • Personal development
  • Predictions from sensors
  • Fitness motion analytics
  • Health record sharing
  • Co-owned algorithms
  • Health image analytics
  • Electricity consumption
  • Sustainability
    (image annotations)
  • Customs classification
  • Blockchain analytics

The issues we address

Data Colonization   

   Data Pricing    

   Data Privacy   

Start Your Own

Insights. Ownership.

Our onboarding process guides you in a few steps through the key design elements of a DataUnion.​ Specify your requirements for the backend, enrichment, governance and interfaces and build on the experience of many others.

DataUnion for
Algorithm Training

Choose. Buy. Run.

Based on your insight algorithm needs you will find and select the required data through our DataPortal.​ In contrast to general data marketplaces, the portal allows you to select, preview and connect data based on your insight challenge.​ Your AI model is then trained in our backend base on the algorithm you select. Download the resulting model to use it for yourself or offer it for sale on the marketplace.

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Get Rewarded by Contributing

Planet Computer Vision DataUnion
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How It Works
Data Process of Planet Computer Vision

1. Upload images

Upload images via our website – of course don’t upload any problematic data and we use mechanisms to stop fraud.

2. Annotate images

Annotate images via our website – there will be examples and tutorials

3. Verify images

Verify images via our website - not your own and verification will be provided from multiple parties before acceptance

4. Claim Your Rewards

5. Repeat the Process

Download Our Pitch Deck

Learn more about our project from our PitchDeck
Download Pitch Deck (.pdf) >

Meet Our Team

International Members.
Experienced Developers.

Robin Lehmann
Machine learning expert and crypto native developing AI for over 10 years (Panasonic, DXC, Rolls-Royce), e.g. head of Ocean Protocol Ambassadors
Mark Siebert
Business and ecosystem developer with 20 years of corporate and AI experience (Siemens, Elsevier), e.g. launch of AI research labs
Akshay Patel
Backend Developer
Sarah Kay
Frontend Developer
Okpo Ekpenyong
Mobile Developer

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