DataUnion Foundation Monthly Update: May 2022


Our goal with these live AMAs is to bring the community together while providing a roadmap of what’s been happening behind the scenes; for everyone to get involved! We also share any upcoming milestones or exciting events that we will be hosting/looking for your participation with.


Let’s jump into it.


SNI Experimental Zone Event #1


Both of our Co-Founders, Mark Siebert & Robin Lehmann, took to the stage in Amsterdam at the world’s first Experimental Zone Event (“EZ1”).


Hosted by Sovereign Nature Initiative (SNI) and in partnership with De Ceuvel, this event welcomed attendees to a unique in-person celebration of ecology, art, theory, and emerging technologies.


Both Mark & Robin took to the stage to discuss how we can all build better systems to ensure a thriving, healthier planet by using blockchain technology.


The event garnered a diverse crowd of talented individuals across multiple industries; musicians, scientists and entrepreneurs listened in and connected with the message of empowering communities through the use of Data Unions and how we can improve the sustainability of our planet through collaborative action.


The event was an incredible experience, giving our team the benefit of connecting with amazing people within this space and creating additional strategic partnerships with whom we can continue to work and further explore opportunities.


Getting Ready For Ocean V4 Update


Mark your calendars; June 8th, 2022, is the official release date of the highly anticipated Ocean V4 Update!


This next evolution of Ocean Protocol brings with it:


Countermeasures to limit rug pull capabilities;

One-sided staking solutions for more financial upside with the $OCEAN token;

Enabled data IP management using the new technology of ERC721 DataNFTs

Improved monetization possibilities to empower local communities to create a positive impact.

Since our platform is built on top of Ocean Protocol, these updates will require us to make infrastructure changes to further develop our interoperability for future DataUnion adoption.


We will be updating you on our progress and rolling out a live paper in the coming weeks for everyone to get involved in the conversation and start sharing ideas on the next steps to kickstart the new data ecosystem!


Important To Take Action


With the new version of Ocean Protocol approaching us, this means the older V3 will be discontinued. If you have been previously staking $OCEAN in our dataset on the Ocean marketplace you must follow specific steps in order to get a bonus and migrate the tokens out of Ocean V3.


We will be releasing a detailed guide on this process in the coming days– stay tuned!


Our EcoSystem Is Growing


With Season 2 fast approaching, we are thrilled to announce that we have some new partnerships to announce in the upcoming weeks.


Some notable partnerships are:






With every one of these incredible organizations, we are further working on solutions that will benefit our planet through the use of DataUnions, and their potential to bring people together and create change. Keep your eyes peeled for more details.


As always, we invite YOU or anyone you know who is interested in getting involved in the space to REACH OUT. We are always looking to create connections as we believe that together, we are more; it’s through collaboration & co-ownership that we can promote the growth of better, more sustainable systems.

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