Building a Fairer Data & AI Ecosystem for Everyone: DataUnion Foundation partners with Openfabric

DataUnion Foundation is excited to announce a new partnership with Openfabric, the platform for building and connecting AI applications.


Data is currently hoarded by big tech companies who benefit the most from its value. The AI created from this data represents billions of dollars in value each year. Both DataUnion Foundation and Openfabric share the same vision. We believe the value of the data should be accessible to all that take part.


Openfabric believes that by using a decentralized blockchain, large amounts of encrypted data can be securely harvested, and AI-based algorithmic processing is logged on the blockchain itself. This tackles issues such as data storage, processing power and provenance requirements, and ultimately helps unleash the potential of AI.


We are working on DataUnions-as-a-Service to enable Unions in all data verticals. Joining a decentralized AI platform like Openfabric allows all insights that are created from DataUnions to be used for AI applications. It is only with data-centric AI that we can maximise the value shared between Unions and contributors. This is an exciting step for us and our Unions!” Robin Lehmann, CEO of DataUnion Foundation commented on the partnership.


By partnering together, we can ensure that the vast amounts of data required for training and testing AI algorithms is collected in a collaborative way. Giving all contributors a chance to share in the potential future value of the data created through AI algorithms.


Andrei Tara, CEO of Openfabric added: “Openfabric is focused on helping people create a better future powered by data and utilizing AI technology. An open, transparent marketplace is the best way to access these tools. We look forward to working together with the DataUnion team in building decentralized AI platforms.”


To create true potential for growth, both Data and AI must come together in an open ecosystem that allows more people to be involved. With this partnership, we’re creating an opportunity for everyone to help shape a better future by creating Unions for data-centric AI.


More About Openfabric


Openfabric is revolutionary in the AI space as it leverages blockchain technologies to ensure execution scalability and eliminates vendor lockup. It is not just a platform for developers or techies but the beauty of the system is that it brings the power of AI to the hands of anyone who desires to use it. Openfabric enables you to benefit from the data economy by providing you with AI tools to understand your audience in a far better way than was possible before.


By providing vast amounts of data, we can easily create more complex AI models. Here is their last breakthrough called HyperAI. Openfabric managed to run Google grade AI in a decentralised way. This achievement changes the paradigm, allowing the parts of the presented model to be executed on different machines and combining the overall outcome. This is a major breakthrough since it enables the execution of complex AI implementation on commodity infrastructure.


Find more about Openfabric project:

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DataUnion Foundation:

We are focused on creating a new data economy, one that is fair, accessible and equitable for all participants who want to get involved. If this is a mission you would like to get behind, then consider connecting with the Dataunion Foundation team on our Discord! We always welcome new faces, and are forever excited at the opportunity of collaborating with emerging, or already established, DataUnion’s.

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