DataUnion Foundation Partners with Brainstem to Build the Next Generation of Wearable Technology

DataUnion Foundation is extremely excited to announce our formal partnership with Brainstem Digital Health!


Together, Brainstem and DataUnion Foundation, will work on unlocking the next generation of wearable technology by tapping into data insights for the overall improvement of an individual’s health and wellbeing.


Technology like the Apple Watch, or FitBit, precluded an open platform for data sharing from day one. Our mission is to provide affordable wearable devices that are optimised to collect and publish data insights across a range of conditions without compromising on individuals’ privacy or data rights.


Who is Brainstem?


Brainstem Digital Health is revolutionising the wearable market through its creation of a decentralized and scalable platform that leverages accurate, but inexpensive wearable devices, to collect medical grade data, including: heart rate, heart rate variability, blood pressure, SpO2 and other health metrics. The data gathered will then be used for cost-effective medical research and to power a permissionless digital health web supporting the development of applications which monitor ailments, track changes and support therapy.


All data collected will be owned and controlled by the private individual, pooling together data insights to an Ocean Protocol powered DataUnion — supported by the technical expertise of DataUnion Foundation.


A token reward system will provide financial incentives for users who start collecting their wearable data and allow for its publishing. Tokens can be received, stored and exchanged within an integrated wallet of the Brainstem mobile app.


How DataUnion Foundation Will Support Brainstem


DataUnion Foundation will lean on its industry expertise, and extensive infrastructure, to facilitate the creation of the ‘Brainstem DataUnion.’ Creating the backend necessary to collect, annotate and verify all health data, while tracking contributors enrichment efforts and distributing equitable reward payouts to those whose work is accepted.


Likewise, DataUnion Foundation will work closely with Brainstem on accelerating their roadmap, and provide strategic connections, to push Brainstem from concept to market; transforming it into a fully-functioning, self-sustaining DataUnion.


“Brainstem seeks to redefine the way in which users interact with wearable technology, and I’m excited for the chance to showcase how working together, we can create a future where data insights, based on data gathered by everyone, are powering a better healthcare system for all” — Robin Lehmann, Co-Founder & CEO of DataUnion Foundation.


What is DataUnion Foundation?

A platform looking to create a network of DataUnions around the world that allow individuals, organisations and companies to work together to upload, annotate and verify data, creating enriched data, that in turn, is used to create and train more sophisticated Artificial Intelligence models. The value created from this enriched data and insights is equitably distributed to all contributors, based on their effort.

Help Build a Better Data Economy

We are focused on creating a new data economy, one that is fair, accessible and equitable for all participants who want to get involved. If this is a mission you would like to get behind, then you should consider connecting with the Dataunion Foundation team on our Discord! We always welcome new faces, and are forever excited at the opportunity of collaborating with emerging, or already established, DataUnion’s.

We hope to connect with you soon!

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