DataUnion Foundation Successfully Closes Its Seed Round

After successfully wrapping up season 1 of their proof-of-concept pilot, DataUnion Foundation’s co-founders, Robin Lehmann & Mark Siebert, have their eyes set on building out a future data ecosystem that is fair and accessible for all.

The Singapore-based Web3 company aims to address what both founders view as the current “broken” traditional model of buying and selling data by bringing more transparency, support systems, incentives and innovation to the space.

Having successfully raised $1.5 Million in their first round of seed funding and garnering the support of many prolific investors, the project is eager to pioneer a new path for data collaboration and its co-sharing of value on a scale that has never been seen before.

“Today is a milestone achievement and marks the beginning of our transition from an Ocean-grant funded project to a funded business. We’ll be focusing our efforts on the development of our platform and the Season 2 Beta Launch coming later this year. “, said Robin Lehmann, CEO of DataUnion Foundation.

The investors include some key players in the Web3 world as well as innovative forward-thinking companies and individuals from across the world. DataUnion Foundation felt it was key to find strategic investors at this time.

Our Seed Round investors include Outlier Ventures, Protocol Labs, Ocean Protocol Ventures, BMW Capital, Flori Ventures, Trent McConaghy and Bruce Pon (Founders of Ocean Protocol), Oliver Durrer (Founder of SwissLEAP), Laurent Rochat (Founder of Innovation Atelier), Pedro Oliveira (Founder of TalentProtocol), Daniel De Witte (Founder of WorkPi), Max Stealth and other key individuals.

The company is now focused on the future: building out the necessary infrastructure to create a collaborative protocol for anyone looking to start a DataUnion. The goal is to create a system that will allow anyone to use their own data, enrich and enhance that data, collaborate globally, and get a share in the value created from insights from this data.

Mark Siebert, CCO of DataUnion Foundation added, “I feel honored to see the interest, backing and engagement of our partners and am excited to turn this into a vibrant ecosystem”.

DataUnion Foundation is moving full-steam ahead on its mission. It is currently expanding its team in preparation for the Season 2 Beta launch, with many exciting new partnerships and developments on the horizon.

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