DataUnion Foundation to Build Recording & Reputation Oracle with HUMAN Protocol

HUMAN Protocol and DataUnion Foundation have officially agreed to collaborate on a new grant-funded project to create recording and human verification protocol for data labeling completed on HUMAN Protocol.


Through leveraging a global community, DataUnion Foundation hopes to create a system where anyone in the world can upload, annotate and verify data to improve the data sets that AI/ML algorithms use to generate insights.


This level of Data Enrichment will provide interested 3rd parties more sophisticated data sets to create more advanced AI/ML models — leading to greater growth and innovation in the space. On top of that, DataUnion Foundation is set on creating a more fair and open data ecosystem that will allow any data contributor on the network fair access to rewards for their contributions, as well as as building out a support system for anyone interested in starting their own DataUnion to take advantage of.

“We are excited to announce that our collaboration with HUMAN protocol will take DataUnion Foundation to the next level providing us with many important connections in the space. We look forward to working together with the HUMAN protocol’s team in building out a fruitful and open data ecosystem for everyone to enjoy.” — Robin Lehmann, CEO DataUnion Foundation

This grant collaboration is the first step in a potential larger collaboration with HUMAN protocol. We’ll share more information around the recording and reputation oracles in the coming weeks.


About HUMAN Protocol


HUMAN Protocol supports the creation of secure, decentralized job markets at scale. It connects millions of global workers to work opportunities and provides organizations access to diverse workforces. Applications build on HUMAN technology enable next-generation AI and ML technologies through their use of data validation and bot-abuse filtering.


About DataUnion Foundation


DataUnion Foundation is building a decentralized, collaborative protocol pioneering the movement to unleash a new, fair Data Economy, break down data silos, and open access to enriched data. DataUnion Foundation’s technology allows for future data unions to build on top of their protocol to upload, verify and annotate data to create enriched data sets that build better AI models while co-sharing the value created by data insights.


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