DataUnion Partners With Amasa

DataUnion is excited to announce a partnership with Amasa, a world-class platform striving to create more adoption of Web3 and DeFi dapps via a seamless and easy user experience.

Amasa empowers people everywhere to capture and capitalise on the wealth-building potential of Web3 income streams. They are working to inspire mass adoption of Web3 platforms that reward participants for their gaming, time, energy, attention, content, data and interactions.

DataUnion x Amasa

DataUnion, similar to Amasa, is striving to educate the public on Web3 technologies and their capabilities for building a more fair and equitable data ecosystem. This partnership will generate greater mass adoption of Web3, specifically, DataFi, DaFi, and DeFi projects built on top of Ocean Protocol. Through this opportunity, DataUnion will gain access to Amasa’s extensive ecosystem of Web3 platforms and Web3 users to create more sophisticated data pools between these connections and drive new users from Amasa’s community toward DataUnion’s upcoming Season 2 launch.

Additionally, DataUnion will work closely with Amasa across future marketing and technical integrations to create more synergy across the Web3 space.

By partnering with Amasa, DataUnion is helping to educate its community on the possibilities that data unions open up and their role in the Web3 world. This is particularly important for opening up opportunities beyond gaming into emerging areas such as the monetisation of data.

About DataUnion

In its most simple form, a DataUnion is where various sources of information in electronic format are joined together as a shared asset. This creates the opportunity for a community of data creators, curators and users to co-develop, co-own and co-govern AI-ready datasets to create more sophisticated algorithms and generate better insights.

DataUnion is creating the world’s first DataUnion-as-a-service platform. The core premise of the model revolves around the democratization of data whereby all willing participants (businesses, organizations and individuals) can pool, annotate, and verify their data together to build out extensive, high quality, and clean data sets to be used to create higher-quality AI models.

We are also well underway in creating and launching our mobile app, as part of our Season 2 Alpha Launch, that will enable the community to source, annotate, and verify images using their phones. This opportunity will extend to the entire globe, providing rewards to all participants.

Our long-term vision is to become a complete data hub where users can access data sharing and ownership opportunities across multiple chains.

About Amasa

Amasa’s mission is to empower people everywhere to capture and capitalize on the wealth-building potential of Web3 income streams and DeFi. They are working to inspire mass adoption of Web3 platforms that reward participants for their gaming, time, energy, attention, content, data and interactions.

They’re doing that by building the world’s first Web3 income stream investment app. The Amasa app will make Web3 income streams easy to capture, combine and access as a stabilized income, which can be amplified through user-selected DeFi investment options.

Connect your data partners with DataUnion-as-a-service and co-own the AI insights and data that you create.

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