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DataUnion Foundation is extremely excited to announce our formal partnership with WeDataNation! As part of the agreement, our Co-Founder, Robin Lehmann, will be serving as a Fractional CTO to WeDataNation and spearheading rapid prototype development to help secure future investment opportunities for the company.


What is WeDataNation?

WeDataNation, getting its start from within a blockchain accelerator program, is creating a platform to build datapools which contain data gathered from social media platforms, e-commerce, etc. of private individuals. In exchange for granting access to their data via Ocean Protocol’s Compute-to-Data approach, the individuals receive financial compensation.
The platform works by having users upload their data via a mobile app. In exchange, they are rewarded with tokens for allowing third-party buyers access to their data, solely granting buyers access to information they are willing to share. This approach to unlocking and democratizing data’s value is in stark contrast to the current system, where data is siloed by large corporations and only accessible for exorbitant fees that create revenue for the web2 companys and their shareholders.
Additionally, all token holders get to participate in collective decision-making with the community DAO. This new Web3 governance approach highlights the shifting landscape of data rights & ownership, allowing individuals to regain sovereignty over the use of their personal information.



How DataUnion Foundation Will Support WeDataNation


Requiring a large aggregation of data from individuals willing to sell access to their data to kickstart their operations, WeDataNation will be utilising DataUnion Foundation’s extensive infrastructure. This will enable interoperability across multiple blockchains and Web2 applications, further increasing the platform’s adoption rate, and providing the necessary groundwork for future ecosystem growth.


Likewise, DataUnion Foundation will work closely with WeDataNation on accelerating their roadmap, infusing industry expertise, and facilitating strategic connections, to push WeDataNation from concept to market; transforming it into a fully-functioning, self-sustaining DataUnion.


Our mantra: Together, we can do more

“Having the chance to collaborate with such an exciting partner keeps the conversation about the ownership & rights of an individual’s data at the forefront of today’s many important battles — this is our chance to reclaim data sovereignty for all” – Robin Lehmann, Co-Founder & CEO of DataUnion Foundation.

What is DataUnion Foundation?


A platform looking to create a network of DataUnion’s around the world that allow individuals, organisations and companies to work together to upload, annotate and verify data.


Instead of simply selling this data, DataUnions can then allow algorithms to be trained on the data for a fee. The fees generated, and the value created by the DataUnion can then be shared with all participants involved in the process.


Help Build a Better Data Economy


We are focused on creating a new data economy, one that is fair, accessible and equitable for all participants who want to get involved. If this is a mission you would like to get behind, then you should consider connecting with the Dataunion Foundation team on our Discord! We always welcome new faces, and are forever excited at the opportunity of collaborating with emerging, or already established, DataUnion’s.


We hope to connect with you soon!

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