Create Real Traceability For ESG: DataUnion Partners With Recyclium


DataUnion Foundation is thrilled to announce its newest partnership with Recyclium, a blockchain-based bounty system that tracks products and recyclables and allows them to be returned to producers while rewarding collectors fairly.

Traceability and real data lineage for ESG focused projects is an issue that costs real businesses money. In European countries there are additional taxes levied on companies who produce consumer goods. The immutability of the Recyclium data on the blockchain provides auditable proof that products have been recovered by the producer, and then taxes can be redeemed. 

But how can companies track that they have hit those ESG targets, and not be accused of simply greenwashing? 

Recyclium is providing the right technological foundation for manufacturers, all parties can be incentivised and aligned to the desired outcome. Building a trusted platform that offers traceability solutions that is refined to customers’ needs is key. 

By working with DataUnion, we have effectively accelerated our technology development to the point where we could showcase our proof of concept within months rather than years. Our visions align when it comes to creating a better ecosystem for everyone involved” commented Pascal Siegrist, CEO at Recyclium. 

Recyclium incentivizes collectors and storers in a fair, transparent and secure manner.  Because of the ease of use and widespread smartphone adoption, this trend is likely to accelerate.

Robin Lehmann, CEO of DataUnion Foundation added “our DataUnion technology stack is a perfect fit with Recyclium’s mission. By bringing all parties involved in the ESG process, and by sharing rewards fairly with all that contribute, we can create an environment that will scale rapidly, benefit the end users and help save the planet”. 

Building a system that works for large producers and incentivises ESG actions from all parties involved in the consumer chain is a huge step in the right direction. The DataUnion data lineage backend and customisable mobile app in combination with the bounty system is a logical combination for this project. 

The technology will allow a seamless process flow from those collecting the empty products, to those storing, and finally returning to the producers to release the funds attached to the bounty. This will allow the producers to then recycle their goods in the correct manner, benefit from auditable (on-chain) ESG results and even share the financial benefits with those involved. 

About Recyclium:

Recyclium provides the technological foundation for manufacturers, allowing rapid adoption of product-to-waste tracing technologies in product manufacturing lines, with a trusted platform offering traceability solutions that will be refined to customers’ needs. They incentivize collectors and storers in a fair, transparent and secure manner. 

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DataUnion Foundation:

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