Democratizing AI: DataUnion Partners with bitgrit

DataUnion Foundation is excited to announce its latest partnership with bitgrit, a decentralized and tokenized AI marketplace that helps organizations harness the power of AI to optimize business activities.


As technology partners, both organizations believe that by sharing technical knowledge and expertise, we will facilitate building a better web3 ecosystem that benefits the democratization of AI.


bitgrit’s platform is an international hub for data scientists and engineers, with more than 25,000 members currently. Their community broadens the possibilities of what can be created in a self-sustaining web3 ecosystem.


DataUnions offer a unique opportunity for data scientists and engineers to co-create, own and share the value created from their efforts. Bringing together the right people, to work on the right problems and allowing them to share the rewards is key to building a stronger web3 data economy.


“We’re thrilled to be working with bitgrit. They have a strong community that shares our goals of creating a better future for AI. To create a new data economy, we need to work together. Collecting data in DataUnions is the first step but transforming that data into insights and AI through data science competitions is important to create value out of the data.” – Robin Lehmann, CEO of DataUnion Foundation commented.


With the continued rise in popularity of AI models, such as ChatGPT and Stability Diffusion last year, 2023 promises to be another record breaking year for AI. Our focus is to make sure that everyone involved in creating, curating and engineering those AI models has a part in the future value created. Web3 now makes this new data economy a possibility.


About bitgrit

bitgrit is a decentralized and tokenized AI marketplace that helps organizations of any size harness the power of AI for the optimization of business activities. The global platform congregates data scientists and broadens the possibilities of what they can create through a self-sustaining web3 ecosystem.
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DataUnion Foundation:

DataUnion is focused on creating a new data economy, one that is fair, accessible and equitable for all participants who want to get involved. If this is a mission you would like to get behind, then consider connecting with the Dataunion Foundation team on our Discord! We always welcome new faces, and are forever excited at the opportunity of collaborating with emerging, or already established, DataUnion’s.


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