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A New Data Ecosystem

DataUnions are a powerful way for communities to collaborate in a particular field or sector. They offer brand new opportunities to mobilise and reward groups to produce AI algorithm ready data sets.

All participants benefit from the value creation within these DataUnions. Forging a new path towards creating inclusive and responsible AI for future generations





Learn more about how we went from a hackathon project, to a self-funded platform, and a soon-to-be collaborative protocol.


Our pilot began at a hackathon, where we ended up placing first. This led us to create our first proof-of-concept collaborative Data Union — Planet Computer Vision — a platform to train an AI robot to pick up litter on a beach. Since then, we’ve had over 600 global contributors upload, annotate and verify thousands of images across various bounty missions — showing how our tools could build a new data economy that can positively impact the world.

With season 1 wrapped up, it’s time to begin season 2: our beta launch. Having successfully raised $1.5 million in seed funding, we are now confidently moving away from being an Ocean grant-funded project and moving toward becoming a self-funded, platform. Our focus will be on providing infrastructure for other data unions to build on top to start creating their impact. We will also be releasing our mobile app to increase adoption of our protocol by gamifying the data contribution, annotation and verification process bringing more value to data contributors and the network. 

To achieve mass adoption of our collaborative protocol and to move away from just being a platform, we are adopting a build-with-public mentality. Evolving our model lets us work together with our community to explore different opporotunities related to the data industry, grow our partnerships, and set the foundation of what will become a more fair, free and accessible data ecosystem. To facilitate in accomplishing our core mission, we will be launching a DataUnionDAO and implementing our Tokenomics to further promote our mission of co-sharing the value of data, and its insights.

Active DataUnions

Participate first-hand in the world’s first proof-of-concept data unions. Explore bringing sovereignty to Nature, or ridding the world of plastic with data enrichment & AI. 


Together, we are stronger.


WeDataNation is creating a platform to build data pools which contain data gathered from social media, e-commerce, etc. of private individuals. In exchange for granting access to their data via Ocean Protocol’s Compute-to-Data approach, the individuals receive financial compensation.

Brainstem Health

Brainstem Digital Health is revolutionising the wearable market through its creation of a decentralized and scalable platform that leverages accurate, but inexpensive wearable devices, to collect medical grade data.


nCight takes data from the everyday activities of healthcare and transforms it into something of value for both surgeons and businesses. Their first proof of concept has been converting arthroscopic surgical images into a DataUnion. 

Planet Computer Vision

PCV is the world's first DataUnion – pioneering a new, open and fair data economy where global data contributors uploaded, verified, and annotated images of trash to train a tiny, cute robot to clean up messy beaches – proving firsthand that anyone, anywhere, can make a difference through their data contribution.


What could we achieve if Nature had its own wallet? NatureUnion was a winner of the Sovereign Nature Initiative's (SNI) Winter 2022 Hackathon showcasing how a collective of individuals & businesses could combine their data into a DataUnion to create an ecosystem that allows nature to benefit directly from the resulted data insights.

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We’re a distributed and decentralised team, with 21 members from across the globe. Our shared beliefs allow us to come together and build this new data economy.
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